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Ah yes, I know Jeeves!
(I would have used bejeevesing. Or, on topic Baing.)
Thank you.

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Mieke: 'Jeevesing' ????

Micki: Yeah! Isn't English grand? I think it might be in CVA; Gwynne was
using it,
although only as a noun, or as a verb, I'm not sure. I don't think I have
creativity to make up new verbs, although I'm happy to use them if I like

Jeeves is a famous butler to Bertie Wooster in P.G. Wodehouse's comic
He was a very superior servant, and actually smarter than his master.

To Jeeves: the act of creating a superior servant through DNA manipulation
(although, I will stretch it to mean creating superior servants through
manipulation -- brainwashing, education, what have you).

I Jeeves, you Jeeves, he/she/it/xe Jeeves (Jeeveses?) etc. Jeevesing could
be any
number of things. The act of creating a Jeeves, the act of being a Jeeves.
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