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Tue Dec 29 18:08:32 GMT 2015

On Mon, 28 Dec 2015 16:38:42 +0100, Baur <baur at chello.at> wrote:

>Am 28.12.2015 um 16:22 schrieb Paula Lieberman:
>> Its anything but disappears, it's top down from the Corporate Suits and
>> marketing consultants.  Two item get shipped to each store, with
>> directions for display (planograms done at the corporate store setup
>> department, yes, big retail corporations design the display systems and
>> specify how many of what goes where, or rather, ships out products to
>> stores and directs the display of the products... stuff already on the
>> shelves, gets removed if it goes past the number of items allowed,
>> hasn't sold out, or exceeded the number of items of the type allowed to
>> be on the selves (nless something ele has sold out, in which case is
>> canbe in the space that's empty...retail -hates- having empty slots
>> showing on the front of shelves, and rearranges the merchandise to
>> prevent empty slots from showing ) .
>the end effect of this is what i call "iron curtain shelves" - containg 
>very few different products
>if you ever travelled the warsaw pact in the bad old days and went to a 
>regular (non foreign valuta priced) supermarket you never saw empty 
>shelves there
>but all the shelves were stocked with the same stuff - i remember one 
>super market in hungary (must have been in '78 or so) that had one 
>(count them - 1) type of jam - it was a strawberry jam, that was 
>sickingly sweet and probably contained three actual strawberries per 
>kilogram .. but they had filled 16 meters shelf length with them - all 8 
>shelves, 2 meters long
>shops in poland or chechosolovakia were not better, perhaps even worse

A friend of mine had relatives visit from Poland, in the bad old days.

He took them out shopping for shoes[1] - and they couldn't cope with the

[1] Ironically, a lot of the shoes were (and are) made in Poland.

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