[LMB] SF for various generations

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Tue Dec 29 18:15:57 GMT 2015


On Tue, 29 Dec 2015 16:58:27 +0000, Kevin Kennedy <kevink45 at hotmail.com>

>I will add my recommendation too, for stories and show. And to strain the brain, alternate the show with a few episodes of House.

I was most amused, in another context, to see Americans discussing
Laurie and saying: "Did you know he can do comedy too?"

The producer(?) had Lauri'es audition for House on tape, as he was on location in the Sahara or somewhere. Laurie's accent was good enough, that the guy is supposed to have said "THAT'S the sort of good American acting I want!"  He totally missed the guy is British and known for comedy.

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