[LMB] SF for various generations

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 18:32:17 GMT 2015

I found the character of Jeeves to be much more likeable once we found
something he wasn't good at.  His hypercompetence is otherwise rather
overwhelming, and somewhat intimidating - Wooster can have him as a servant
because he's too self-absorbed to really understand how superior Jeeves
actually is.

But he can't understand certain kinds of slang, and his being at an utter
loss at language which everyone around him grasps easily makes you feel
much more sympathetic towards him.  Or it makes me feel that way, at least.

One rather wonders why Jeeves is content to be the valet behind the...
well, not throne exactly.  But if he wanted to, he could do just about
anything.  Somehow he prefers being a valet to a narcissistic buffoon.

Matt G.

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