[LMB] BiA - Chapter 1 - The beginning of it all.

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Mon Feb 23 21:12:17 GMT 2015

On 23 February 2015 at 02:50, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying so hard to remember the first time I read the book.
So am I!

Going to my bookshelf, the first thing I note is that Mirror Dance is
the first hard cover of the series in my collection. Were any of the
earlier books published in hard cover? Or was the hard cover done
because of the success of Barrayar? That was the book that made me
fall in love with all things Bujold. The wait after it for the next
book was excruciating.

My copy of MD is from the first printing. The price tag label on the
cover brings back memories of going to the bookstore on my way home
from work, anxiously scanning for promising new arrivals. I must have
been in a mad rush to get home that day! Nothing better than knowing a
great read awaits you.

The cover is good, with two very similar faces in a stare down.
Interesting that one of the faces has a beard - is this from the book
or just the illustrator's license? Must watch for that. Huh, just
noticed they did a similar face-off thing in Cetaganda - much less
appropriate for that story. In the MD cover, you can see a generic
planet in the very bottom of the image, with generic SFy images in the
background. Would be more interesting to see the earth featured more
prominently. Overall, the cover works for me more than most.

I do remember one last thing: initial disappointment that there was no
Cordelia. Before reading MD, I didn't particularly like Miles. He just
felt a little juvenile and his stories felt improbable. Maybe I hadn't
read the short stories yet, because IMO that is where young Miles is
at his best. This was the book that made me reevaluate him. I love how
he gets shut down by Galeni and has to really work at juggling his
various selves. Can't wait to start re-reading!

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