[LMB] A 21st C. Koudelka!

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 08:16:26 BST 2015

I was watching clips from the _Kill Bill_ duology on Youtube, and it
occurred to me that the Vor would _love_ those movies...all the swordplay
and the revenge.  Japanese _chambara_ (samurai period) movies would go over
a right treat, too.  Maybe some enterprising Vor lordling starts a company
to make movie-equivalents and shamelessly plunders Kurosawa the way
Kurosawa plundered Shakespeare?  Were there wandering Vor equivalents to
_ronin_ in the ToI?  Do the Barrayarans have a whole sub-industry of
entertainment set in the ToI the way the Japanese do the samurai period,
and we used to in the Old West?

And oh, how they would groove on _Game of Thrones!_  They'd be even more
furious about the Red Wedding than we are; Walder Frey had given his Word
on his Name that the Starks would be safe!  Their views on what happened to
Shireen would depend on whether they saw greyscale as a _disease_ or a

_I Claudius_ and _Rome_ (the HBO miniseries) would also do well, I think.
They'd be busily critiquing the intrigue in _I, Claudius,_ and Caligula
would remind them of Mad Yuri.  "He named his horse a Senator; we had Lord
Midnight, who always voted 'neigh!'"

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