[LMB] OT: Shakers

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Thu Jul 9 04:22:48 BST 2015

Henry  VIII didnt get fat and gouty until after a non-healing leg injury, 
which prevented him from continuing his former highly athletic lifestyle of 
lots of exercise riding and jousting and engaging in swordplay etc.

Hmm, he was sort of the Elvis of his time, the athletic fellow when young, 
and fat and gotten weird in his later years.

--Paula Lieberman
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>> How pretty was Socrates alleged to be when he was Jon Snow’s age?
> Good question. Also depends on how old Jon Snow was when he died.

I haven’t yet seen this season (we buy the disks), so I don’t know what he 
looks like when he died.    Often those characters don’t look that good when 
they die.     Or whether his death is permanent for that matter.   Maybe we’ll 
see him again, either handsome or ugly.

It’s funny how we remember long dead people.   I mean, we can say “Cleopatra 
was 12 years old - right before her 13th birthday”.    Henry VIII was svelte 
and handsome - before he got gouty and fat. 

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