[LMB] thanks for the name brainstorming

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Sun Jun 14 01:30:21 BST 2015

Thank you all for the name brainstorming.  Despite a week of trials, and 
me trying different names in search-and-replace and taking them out 
again about eight times, the character stubbornly refuses to be anybody 
else, so her original name will stand.  I did try.  I feel like Oscar 
Wilde with his comma.

However, this gives a reservoir for later names, of which I am always in 
need, so your effort is not wasted.

First draft is done.  I am now into the waiting-on-other-people stage, 
the last of the test readers and the first cover images, which will take 
some unknown amount of time that I do not control. I should go off and 
do something else for a while, and try not to get into a frenzy of 
impatience.  A little delay is not a bad thing -- there's always some 
glitch brought to my attention at the last minute or beyond, wanting a 
fix.  Or so I tell myself.

Ta, L.

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