[LMB] Ereading stuf (got a small batch of email just now...)was 5 GU name survey

Marc Wilson marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk
Sun Jun 14 20:38:52 BST 2015

On Sun, 14 Jun 2015 15:16:57 -0400 (EDT), Harvey Fishman
<fishman at panix.com> wrote:

>On Sun, 14 Jun 2015, Marc Wilson wrote:
>> Yeah, but it's still a *tablet*.  One of the things I most like about
>> the Kindle is the e-ink display; not backlit, days-long battery life.
>> And of course those are US prices.
>I thought that you said you had a Voyage. Isn't that backlit? My Voyage
>certainly is.

It's *not* backlit, it's (if anything) "sidelit". The light comes from
around the edges of the screen via prisms, and what you're seeing is
*reflected* light off the e-ink panel.  There's no light shining
*through* it, so it's not drowned out as an LCD or OLED screen is by
bright external light.


>But I use an Oberon Design cover

>which makes it a bit larger and heavier. DEFINITELY not a fit in the
>pocket thing.

I have one of these:


- which adds little to weight or bulk, but protects the screen.  It fits
in most of my trouser pockets (indeed: this is a purchase criterion for
trousers, except for formal trousers).


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