[LMB] CoC: Ch 17 - Soul and demon metaphors - was The importance of correct information

Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Tue Jun 16 17:32:16 BST 2015

Jim Parish:  Actually, reference to swords and chalices makes me wonder 
about wands
and pentacles (or coins), the other two suits of the Minor Arcana.

LMB:  Actually, a Chalionese Tarot ought to have five suites.  Or so 
should any other 5GU card deck.  (The Roknari may do it differently.)  
Interesting speculation...


Wouldn't there just be a joker in the deck? And the joker would add chaos to
all the other cards:

Joker right side up: Confusion causing amusement, everything works out
Upside down: Confusion causing worry, result is probably bad
Joker crossing cards: ????

but I should defer to people with more Tarot experience. I bet we have
several here.

Back to Sylvia's post, on different soul shapes: She suggests snuggly,
shields, diamond-like refraction, and so on. This is interesting because it
moves the metaphor away from shapes and on to other qualities: tactile,
visual. How many ways are there to perceive souls? Of course, humans are
limited, both by our general finiteness and by the fact that we have to use
metaphors. I wonder if Caz (or some other saints) could come up with a
standard list.


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