[LMB] CoC Ch 18 Setting things Straight - commentary

Elizabeth Stowe estowe427 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 17:16:42 BST 2015

Micki: Re: Umegat losing his sainthood. It's really kind of sad, and shows how the Gods 
> aren't people. <snip> Does Umegat feel sad or unhappy about losing it? <snip> It's 
> not like he gets a little energy boost from being a Server, for example (does he?). 
> So maybe it shouldn't be sad. He's still serving, just in less direct ways. Maybe 
> of his own will, not the Gods'.

Walter: The gods have the whole people to worry about. No resources to play favorites <snip>.

es: Umm. I think about it in a way I probably can't describe. Saints like Umegat, Caz, and Ista (particularly in Paladin of Souls) suffer in their experience of being close to the gods. It's an exquisite suffering, kind of overly intense beauty. Being pulled to the edge of the worlds of gods and matter is, I think, painful while at the same time disturbingly revealing. One is brought embarrassingly close to oneself while simultaneously broadened by a tiny peek at eternity. All saints are humbled.

While one is a saint, one is subject to the awe of those who seek the experience. Who could explain to Mendenall (or Osric in The Hallowed Hunt) that sainthood is frustrating and awful? No wonder Umegat, Caz, and Clara like to exchange looks with one another. No wonder Ista is so isolated.

But to be let down from that perilous position must be dreadful. And, further --- oops, I'm sliding into the next chapter. See you there.

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