[LMB] OT: e-readers

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Wed Jun 24 16:47:21 BST 2015

There are other technologies out there.  I can't think of the name of it, 
but the Boogie Board uses a technology which is stable for showing text 
until applying voltage to overwrite or erase.  I think there are devices 
over in Asia which use the tech, which involves low production cost plastic 
display media, for personal electronics devices.

--Paula Lieberman
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The only things that would improve it, for me:

1) A better indexing system.  I want *nested* collections.
2) A bit more speed (newer low-power processors will bring this, no
3) Colour.  Colour e-ink is out there, but it's expensive and not
particularly good yet, AIUI.  But I suspect it will come.

Amazon has (several) new technologies that will replace color e-ink, so
I would not be surprised if we never see a device from Amazon with it.
Color e-ink does not have vivid bright color, only muted colors.  The
newer tech allows front-lit, glare-free color with true color.  If they
perfect it, we could see a color screen from Amazon that rivals e-ink
for quality.  It would also not surprise me if we never see it at all.

One factor is power usage.  If it uses a lot of power, there may not be
a motivation to switch away from LED/LCD technology. 

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