[LMB] OT: Rowling BiA: Ch 15 - Lost and found.

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 30 00:41:59 BST 2015

Howard: re: Rowling

But, despite what the web page indicates, it doesn’t indicate why Brits are more 
likely to pronounce her name correctly than Americans are.
Micki: She may have a larger data set, and it just seems like more Brits get it 
right. Also, being in Britain, more Brits have a chance to see her and see her 
pronounce her own name -- but it's obviously a problem, or the Guardian wouldn't 
have devoted space to it. 
I'd like to know, too, if there are other "ow" names or words that spring to mind 
of the Britains who pronounce Rowling like the author does. That "ow" followed by 
an "l" just seems to beg to be pronounced like "owl" to me. But of course, it 
(-: I've had enough of my own pronunciation blues (people calling me by something 
other than what my parents called me) that I agree with Rowling. Call me whatever 
you want, just don't call me late for dinner sort of thing.   

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