[LMB] OT: The horrific effects of being sheep, was What motivates long posts?

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Well, useful if you want to lean on one to get a quick loan ... =)

Typically, the kid that grows up and buys the old weary mother a happy 
home tends to be the son - though there have been a few daughters who 
married up and mom ended up with a cozy spot to move in to. Actually 
Gigi the film at least is rather backwards - the women don't get married 
at first, they get married at last, though Gigi's aunt is living alone 
on the proceeds of her gotten through being a professional mistress 
gains, her grandmother seems to be running a small household of 
Grandmother, mother and Gigi, with her mother apparently never having 
married and working in the chorus of the Opera - so apparently there was 
some form of income to take care of Gigi, perhaps a small annuity? I 
never understood why the grandmother, Gigi and her mother didn't live 
with her very wealthy great Aunt, Gigi was being groomed and it would 
have made sense to have her brought up properly from the absolute start, 
less retraining needed.

On 3/14/2015 9:03 PM, Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:
> (Spiritual, intellectual, and emotional rewards are in another bin, 
> one that is not much use to draw from when the immediate problem is 
> "pay the utility bills or get shut off".)
> Ta, L.

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