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Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Wed Mar 18 16:26:36 GMT 2015

I -did- think of movies and TV series being stimulants for sales of books 
they're supposedly based on, but then I immediately thought of The Script 
from Hell and decided to tiptoe around the issue!!!!

I wonder if there every might be a chance for a bearable-to-readers AV 
adaptation of Lois' work?   Jupiter Ascending passed the Bechdel Test, had 
multiple named female characters with speaking roles and independent lives, 
was very pretty... and plotwise was a -massive- mess.  It had the preface 
plot of a Jupiter's parents, then exposition as entrance ramp to a jump 
forward in time and circumferentially in location to the lot of working low 
social rank immigrant family in the USA, then appear alien bountry hunters 
with no immediate obvious connection to what the audience has been seeing, 
there's a speedskater racing /skateboader speeding around in the air 
courtesy of m/a/g/i/c b/o/o/t/s  jet-powered anti-gravity s/k/a/t/e/s 
boots, aliens intruding on Jupiter's life, and then it's through the 
wormhole or jump gate and we're in a relative of the Dune interstellar 
universe crossed with the upper class of the Roman or some other Empire, 
with a serving of baroque bureaucracy for comic relief... there are several 
other disparate elements which don't form a thematic harmonious 
complementary gestalt/whole.

Various of the -elements- might correspond to a degree of promise that Lois' 
work -could- be translated effectively and viewing-worthily to the big or 
small display, BUT, the whole of the film... park your brain outside the 
room or theater to watch and suspend such things as flight dynamics, 
juxtapostion of cleaning toilets and having command of space assets, and 
wolf/human hybrids plucked partially out of urban fantasy tropes--but only 
partially....   There 's way too much plot of plots which have little 
thematic relationship/relevance to one another without major stretches/acts 
of conscious attempts to work at finding relevances and points of similarity 
in the various plots, to make the mess/malimplemented mashup have any sort o 
internal cohesion....

--Paula Lieberman
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> From: paal at filker.org
> Regarding reissuing with different covers, covers tend to be creatures of
> perishability/limited effective lifespan.  Particularly also, there's a
> preference for books being "new".  A new cover gets attention ...

I will humbly admit to buying paperback editions of LORD of the RINGS 
because they were illustrated with color photos of the actors from the Peter 
Jackson blockbuster.

OT:  I know one blogger who would have a screaming fit if I admitted that; 
he thinks movies are an outrageous travesty of excellent books. YMMV - in 
this case I don't pretend to be anything but a vulgar illiterate 
movie-preferring she-lout.

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