[LMB] CoC: Chapter 12 -- Things fall apart -- free will and godly actions

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Mon May 11 05:21:32 BST 2015

[LMB] CoC: Chapter 12 -- Things fall apart -- free will and godly actions
Damien Sullivan phoenix at mindstalk.net
Mon May 11 04:45:54 BST 2015

DS:  What should Dondo be afraid of?

LMB:  Be-not; dissolution, nonexistence.  For life after death, union 
with a god/s is the only game in town.

DS:  The Bastard's hell is for demons, not
bad people.

LMB:  Not exactly.  It's a place of pure chaos, instant dissolution.  
The fading and smudging-to-nothing that happens over time to ghosts who 
stay or are trapped in the world, happens instantaneously in the 
Bastard's hell.  To what degree the soul-stuff is then recycled is 
unknown, but all information is lost.

Which is not to say people don't make up stories otherwise, and enjoy 
imagining their enemies there.  But this is, as Umegat, Oswin, and other 
such trained persons would sigh, theologically incorrect.

DS:   There's been no mention of judgement, no fear of hell. The
gods take up all souls who assent to being taken up.

LMB:  Not quite; assent must be mutual.  A god can refuse a soul just as 
a soul can refuse a god; with the Bastard as a last-chance. "He always 
takes the leftovers" is not strictly true, but He takes, so to speak, a 
hell of a lot of them.

A soul refused by all gods would usually become a ghost and then, 
gradually, nothing.

DS:  Quintarianism is not  Christianity. This should become a list motto.

LMB:  This, yes.

Ta, L.

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