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> Jennifer Johnson confidingly asks:
> "Do we know much about pollinators on Barrayar? I know they have bees."
> Well, Lord VorMuir sure gave it an enthusiastic go, but was none too
> pleased with the cost.  He should've listened to Cordelia about actions and
> consequences.

All right, I'll make some attempt to discuss this one...

I'm not actually sure they have bees, since the only reference that looks
plausible is when Miles compares butter bugs unfavorably with bees in A
Civil Campaign.

We know there are flowering plants native to the planet (or, well, we know
that some plants are pretty enough to use in floral arrangements, and the
ones that 'make you itch like fire' are probably native and are claimed to
have little flowers (The Warrior's Apprentice); I suppose a botanist would
take issue). We know that feral roses can grow in Vorkosigan District.
Grapes and maples and grains and fruit trees that grew just fine during the
Time of Isolation strongly imply the existence of pollinators brought by
the Firsters. On the other hand, bats are rare due to there not being
enough insects for them to eat (Barrayaran critters are toxic to the bats,

Natively, well there are not-bugs that sing and twitter in patches of
native plants. Presumably at least some of them might have symbiotic
relationships with those plants.

Karen Hunt

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