[LMB] Gardening, was Monarch Butterflies, was Preemptive pizza (was Global warning)

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Wed May 20 12:53:36 BST 2015

Comfrey dies in my yard, too.
Rosa rugosa is a volunteer pest.
Domestic roses, some survive barely (but then I do not do all the work lots 
of other people to to succor them.0
Muntead and (a couple other hardy varieties) can survive.0
THe "Lipstick" variety of strawberry survives.--it's ornamental and 
occassionally might produce edible fruit.
Sage can hang in for two or maybe three years before expiration.
Wild ginger is thriving now.
Two places of four I planted mayapple years and years ago, the mayapple is 
spreading (the north side of the house (it's a short end) there are a dozen 
flowers, down in back shaded by scrub trees there is one flower amonth most 
of 20 leaves, and there is one fruit down under the apple trees.   Under a 
rhodendron in the front of the house are only two leaves...

obBujold: I do not have any plunkins, and also, the soil is acid sand...

--Paula Lieberman

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> Clematis dies in my yard. Mint has no more than three or four years, other
> than oregano, which has taken over most of my front yard.
> But then, different stuff has different levels of spreading in differen
> places...

One word, just one word:  comfrey.
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