[LMB] Now OT: Fertility and Avengers (was: Re: Betan control of pregnancy)

Raye Johnsen raye_j at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 7 01:48:49 GMT 2015

From: Matthew George <matt.msg at gmail.com>
> On that note, I did wonder just why Black Widow was so angsting about being
> sterilized in the recent Avengers movie.  If they merely tied her tubes, it
> would be relatively simple to harvest eggs.  So was she actually spayed or
> something?  I didn't think that could be done without having serious> implications for physical development, and so I was very confused.
1. Some people don't feel the connection unless they do the carrying.  This is why doctors sometimes ask couples who have successfully completed their families with IVF if they would donate any leftover viable but unused zygotes. (I know of a family that did this, they went through IVF with a member of my family. They had their two, a zygote was left over, they donated it and the little boy who resulted is adored by his family.)2. I didn't feel she herself was angsting as much as she was feeling clucky over the fact that her heartbrother was deliberately and openly naming his latest kid after Aunty Nathalia right when the guy she liked was angsting over HIS sterilization and going into a whole wah-wah-I'm-the-only-one schpiel and she was trying to yank him out of it.3. It wasn't done until after she was fully adult (it was the final thing done before they launched Agent Romanov, remember), so at that point I think development is moot.  Hormone balance can be maintained with medication.  Also, in the comics, although it's not clear if this is going to be put in the movieverse, there is the strong implication that the Russians had a copy of the notes on the super serum that created Captain America too, they were trying to recreate it the same way the Americans were, and Nathalia was one of the guinea pigs.  So her hormones and development were screwed up from that anyway.

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