[LMB] Also Gregor: childhood friendships

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 22:55:47 GMT 2015

It's worth keeping in mind that child-Gregor didn't really have Imperial
powers.  He didn't have any more authority, in practice, than any other
child.  Most children would see the guards and panoply surrounding Gregor
as an obstacle to playing, nothing more.

I suspect Gregor's teens were somewhat lonely, if one can be said to be
lonely while constantly surrounded by people.  (And I can't help but wonder
about his sex life - presumably he wasn't a virgin when he met Cavillo.
Dating and sexual relationships are complicated enough for normal teens,
being Emperor could only complicate matters.  Courtesans with a great deal
of discretion?  LPSTs imported from Beta Colony?)

Matt "don't really need an answer to those" G.

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