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Fri Oct 2 10:42:58 BST 2015

On 10/1/2015 1:53 AM, Paula Lieberman wrote:
> I noticed when I was getting/using a private pilot's license, that the 
> "high performance" retractable gear planes, and particularly 
> two-engines planes, the seats were MUCH more adjustable than the fixed 
> gear planes--one started out in the much LESS adjustable seat planes, 
> the ignominy of -cushions- was a necessity for he fixed gear planes 
> for me--but NOT the higher performance/higher priced planes... but the 
> inconvenience/annoyance/UNSAFENESS trying to fly the "entry level" 
> plane, is LARGER deterrent to learning/wanting to learn to fly, if a 
> short woman....
That was my mom's comment about getting her pilots license back in the 
1950s. She was not fond of dad's piper cub, but preferred the comanche. 
I don't remember the cub at all, but I do remember the comanche. [he 
sold the cub after I luged down the cockpit with used milk when I was 3 
days old and he was bringing mom and i back from the hospital and she 
had fed me just before he hit a patch of turbulence. Oops. First, last 
and only time I have been motionsick.]

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