[LMB] a new discovery

mmjustus at mmjustus.com mmjustus at mmjustus.com
Sat Oct 3 17:30:45 BST 2015

The business of the close quote drifting down to the next line after am
em-dash turns out to be endemic.  While the em-dash is made "sticky" to
its preceding word by the program, it is not sticky to the following
word.  Fine when it's a word, not so good when it's a close-quote mark.
So whenever that combo falls at the end of a line -- randomly, in
flowable text displays -- it'll break wrongly. Choices seem to be use
fewer em-dashes at the ends of sentences, stick in a "wrong" nonbreaking
(or non-breaking) space between dash and quote, or live with it.
Thinking about this one.

There is no end to this...

Ta, L.

Not to mention that on my Kindle, at least, those em-dashes keep *all* the 
words thusly-connected together, and which results in some very weird and 
distracting line breaks.


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