[LMB] The evolution of Ivan - how did his conception change over time?

Elizabeth Stowe estowe427 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 02:21:14 BST 2015

Matt George: 
So was Ivan's hole in embassy security merely Lois using him as a plot
device to extricate Miles from a problem, and happening to have him being
competent because it was necessary for the trick to work, or was it
intended as character development?  It's not clear, I think, until MD.

I didn't realize until much later how brilliant his ploy of sending the
vase to Miles in CVA actually was.  It elegantly let him determine the true
status of his target, gave him a reason to interact with her, and tweak his
cousin simultaneously.

es: Hmm. I just finished reading CVA aloud to my husband on a drive back and forth between central Mass and Chicago. The reread rekindled my interest in him, and now you bring up this interesting history of his character.

I have a lot of rereading to do now.

I just hope that the earlier books don't have all the god epithets (my God, by God, and the rest) of CVA. Reading it aloud, I felt I was at a church service. I bet there are more references to god in CVA than in Curse of Chalion.

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