[LMB] The evolution of Ivan - how did his conception change over time?

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 15 15:03:08 BST 2015

> From: Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
> While thinking about that, I was trying to figure out what the actual
> list of people ahead of Ivan is.
>  1 - Gregor
>  2 - Aral
>  3 - Miles
>  4 - Mark??? Surely not seriously...
>  5 - ?
>  6 - Ivan

I think the list is Gregor - Aral - Miles - Ivan, for most of Ivan's life.

Aral says (in Shards, I think) that there are half a dozen others with as
good or better claim, but that's when he's clinging to Salic law, and he's
the only one who cares about that. 

Vordarian is no longer an issue. And in WA Miles tracks the inheritance
as he unravels Vordrozda's plot:
"...follow this chain. Count Vordrozda, Lord Vortaine, you, me, my father...
who is my father heir to?"

And in CVA Captain Morozov makes it very clear to Tej that if anything
had happened to Gregor then Aral would be next in line, but he'd chew
his own leg off to escape. Miles would be next, but he'd never be 
accepted, so the Vorkosigans would do their famous emperor-creation
act again and drop the job onto Ivan. But by CVA Gregor's boys have 
been born so it's a longer, safer line. (And I want to KNOW who those 
boys are, how many, their names, are there any girls as well... ALL OF IT.
I want to know it ALL.)

Gwynne (Boundless curiousity. Hoping for answers in the next book....)


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