[LMB] OT: Is the world about to end?

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Mon Oct 19 22:48:08 BST 2015

But I typed IS/ISIL short for IS which is the latest designation for what 
had been using ISIL.

I did NOT type "ISIS"

As for calling them a name they hate,  I try to avoid using the term 
"fundies" for evangelical Christians of attitudes and behavior I find 
detestable, try to avoid using terms such as "holy rollers," and try to 
avoid using terms that groups consider derogatory--some are in such 
detestation I won't mention them here (hint, consider deprecating terms for 
ethnicities, etc.... Oh, here's one that's sort of offensive, but it's a 
quote from 30 years ago, from Somtow Sucharitkul/S. P. Somtow:  "He called 
me a Gook! I'm not a Gook, I'm a Dink! [perjorative at the time for 

It's not that I do not find IS thoroughly appalling, revolting, horrific, 
abominable.... It's that however loathsome they may be/I regard them, 
applying a deprecatory name, isn't ging to improve the situation anyone. 
Disrepect does not make someone cease being offensive, sometimes it causes 
them to be even -more- malevolent, it's waving the cape at the bull and 
further inciting it to murderous furious mad attack.

--Paula Lieberman
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On 18 Oct 2015, at 07:37, Paula Lieberman <paal at filker.org> wrote:
> Star Trek Communicators are humdrum daily reality and can include sensors 
> for monitoring health (e.g., Bluetooth link to Fitbits and such), have 
> apps running on them, voice command capability--and the flip open part is 
> somewhat obsolete, even!

I got that Motorola flip-phone just for that look! I can’t get an iPhone 
cover with a top hinge.

> LDV's time is a generation past, there's not much that's a "dangerous 
> vision" today which people haven't either thought up, or -implemented-. 

Please call them DAESH—they really hate it, and that’s a good thing. 

Some of us worship or revere the goddess named ISIS, and resent her name 
being cobbled with an acronym for a hateful group of people. 

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