[LMB] eARC for Kindle app on iPad?

Carol Botteron botteron at alum.mit.edu
Fri Oct 23 16:57:46 BST 2015

When I buy a book (e.g. Penric's Demon) from Amazon using my Mac, it immediately 
appears in the Kindle app on my iPad.  I'd like to buy the eARC of GJ&RQ and read 
it in the Kindle app on my iPad.

I have not bought ebooks from Baen before and don't see what to do.  I asked on 
the LMB Facebook page yesterday and got several replies that seem to go in various 
directions.  I don't understand any of them.

Could someone please walk me through the process in tiny baby steps?  There may
be other people here with the same problem.  adTHANKSvance!

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