[LMB] There was a birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 24 07:59:50 BST 2015

I blame Lois. This is her fault.

I was READING. And I had no idea of the time. Or the day. Or date. 

Ok ok I hang my head in shame. I'm a very bad birthday tixie. 
And I am truly sorry. But... I was READING.


On the 23rd of October in 1947, Pam Pate bounded into this world, 
eager for fun.

And I hope, Pam, that you had a wonderful birthday full of all the joys
you could desire. 

To help with your celebrations you will be escorted (after a brisk 
security check which may or may not involve a more personal pat-down, 
depending on your preference and the cuteness of the assigned ImpSec
officer) to the East Entrance of the Residence. Two Vorbarra armsmen
will give you a guided tour through the corridors and rooms, pointing
out some of the more interesting artwork and tapestries on display, 
until you reach one of the internal courtyards, now filled with a graceful
and peaceful garden, designed by Countess Ekaterin Vorkosigan. There
you will find two chairs, a table laden with delightful delicacies, including
the famous cream cakes, and an Emperor. 

You can have a lovely long chat together while you sip the finest tea or
coffee, and enjoy the tasty treats. Make sure you leave some cream cakes
for Gregor. 

Make sure you ask all the questions you've been wondering about for
so long, take a list with you if you wish. Later, Laisa and the children will
join you for a second round of cakes - for the children, of course - and more
chatting. Have a wonderful time finding out - everything. Or just chatting
and enjoying the company. See what happens.

Big, wonderful birthday wishes, Pam. 



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