[LMB] OT: Accident!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 24 13:32:22 BST 2015

> From: I <iosef at gothic.net.au>

> I have seen a Wombat (about 3 feet long and maybe half that high and 
> wide) limp off to (probably) die in the bush after a Prime mover (1) hit 
> it. The PM had to be towed because it broke the front axle. The seem to 
> be able to exceed the limitations of bone and muscle, not to mention 
> bloody mindedness (2).

The good thing about hitting a wombat is that they're low-slung, so 
once the car stops rolling the incident is finished.

But if you hit a kangaroo or an emu they can slide across the bonnet (hood)
and through the windscreen. Suddenly you're sharing a very small space with
a rather upset creature that has toenails that can disembowel a horse. That 
can get very exciting. (For a given value of 'exciting' that includes a lot of
screaming and bleeding.)

Gwynne (Did I mention I found a young goanna on my back verandah?
Wildlife can be fun while it's trying to shred your flyscreens.)

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