[LMB] Birthdayyyyyyyyy!!!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 29 13:34:06 GMT 2015

This day, in 1954, welcomed Richard Macdonald into the 
world. And a wonderful day it was. So Richard, we send 
you our best, brightest birthday wishes. 

Just to make the day perfect, you will be taken on an 
amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Celestial Dome on
Rho Ceta, heart of the Cetagandan Empire. 

Your own personal ba will be assigned to you, to conduct
you through the gardens. Spend some time there, enjoying
the incredible sights, sounds and aromas, there are some
glorious displays. 

You will attend an official banquet, enjoying the choirs and
the stunning displays of food - almost too beautiful to eat!
There will also be an official poetry-reading. Stay awake.

Then you'll be taken to the perfumery, where a special scent
will be created just for you. Remember, don't spray it on 
directly, you puff it into a small cloud and walk through it. It
may take some practice.

As the highlight of your trip you will have a meeting with the
Emperor himself, Fletchir Giaja. Your ba will explain the 
correct procedures and etiquette. You don't want to offend
the emperor. But he will be happy to answer any questions, 
so have a list ready. 

Then it's off for a visit to the Star Creche. This is a special 
opportunity not given to many. The ladies will give  you a
guided tour. Best not to ask for any free samples.

Then it's another banquet, just in case you're feeling a bit 
peckish after all the excitement, and more music and
sightseeing through the gardens. 

Best wishes for a wonderful birthday, Richard!


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