[LMB] Why we don't like some books.

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I know you didn't mention religion, I used it as an example of what an 
author might have used as the commonality - as I said, *my inserted 
commonality of the question 'why'* was what I was using to demonstrate a 
commonality I percieved in your somewhat random [in your view, I notice 
they are all issues currently in the news lately - or at least in my 
military news clipper] Though I suppose one could use the commonality of 
all people coming in contact with the violence caused by religious crap 
[and I mean crap because most people I know just want to rub along and 
be left alone. Most of the religious bullpucky going on is not the will 
of the common man, but of a select few morons with a bug up their bum 
about controlling other people.]

On 10/28/2015 5:40 PM, Paula Lieberman wrote:
> I didn;t mention religion.  Syria's refugees including Sunni Muslims, 
> Christians, perhaps Yezedi, Druse maybe? .. Boko Haram doesn't much 
> care what religion the girls it captures are. Russians aren't all 
> Russian Orthodox Christians.  Etc.
> -----Original Message----- From: Aruvqan
> I see a commonality with your examples.
> *A Christian Russian commander dealing with Muslims with violence under
> orders [he may not feel anything in particular negative about Muslims]
> *A Syrian Muslim trying to leave the violence caused by fellow Muslims
> *A Yemani Muslim woman caught in Muslim caused violence but unable to
> escape the violence/unwilling to take a chance at escape or alternately
> *for* causing violence because them Muslims over there are the *wrong*
> kind of Muslim
> *A Christian diplomat trying to make sense of Muslim caused violence
> against other Muslims
> *A Christian girl kidnapped by the Muslim extremists of the Boko Haram
> See? And my inserted commonality - the word "WHY"
> Why do I have to go and kill everybody in that village?
> Why can't I simply stay on my farm?
> Why is my husband dead now?
> Why can't they just get along? They both are Muslim.
> Why me? I am 10 years old. I didn't want to get raped.
> On 10/27/2015 5:05 PM, Paula Lieberman wrote:
>> Most war novels don't go headhopping among characters lightyears away 
>> from one another who don't have any contact with one another and 
>> mostly don't know one another, or if they do meet up, not until the 
>> very end or near the very end of the book.
>> An analogy might be following a Russian commander who'd being 
>> deployed to Syria for five pages, then jumping to a Syrian refugee 
>> trying to cross into Hungary and watching other people drowning in 
>> the sea who're less fortunate, then jumping to a woman in purdah in 
>> Yemen as the two sides of the warfare there shoot at one another, 
>> then jumping to a diplomat in New York City at the UN who's focused 
>> on Afghanistan, then jumping to a girl trying to escape a Boko Haram 
>> camp in Africa... continuity of scene, location, characters, WHAT?? 
> -
Sorry, not sure exactly how much I could chop before it became obscure =(

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