[LMB] OT: Shax's Mock Death tally -- Schroedinger Lion

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Tue Sep 1 02:34:40 BST 2015

J Lennard recounts: >The other Shax plays to feature mock-death, incidentally, are (in roughly
>chronological order) *The Comedy of Errors*, etc 

In *As You Like It* Oliver's early reports  to Ganymede (Rosalind) regarding Orlando's
hand-to-hand fight with a lion* -- accompanied by the evidence of a bloody kerchief --
lead Ganymede to faint away.  Depending on staging -- exactly at what point in the
narrative does G/R fall over --  G/R may have believed Oliver reported Orlando's death.  

If Ganymede is still on "his" feet at the end of Oliver's tale, THEN falls over,
then Orlando is alive though injured, and Ganymede is merely exceptionally sensitive.

Sort of a VERY BIG CAT sort of non-determinate state to be counted.

Nobody mentioned Tom Sawyer, (once), Mark Twain himself ("greatly exaggerated", he
responded) and Huck Finn (twice, or so, I think.)?



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