[LMB] a few more new-e-cover issues

Ruchira Mathur wetair at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 23:11:07 BST 2015

Putting the Hugo award is a good idea, because as a science fiction/fantasy
reader, that means something to me.

The series number - I don't know. If you have to, publication order might
be best. Plus, in case you extend the internal chronology, it keeps you
from renumbering every book.

But, truthfully, I don't think this series needs one. The books do a pretty
good job of standing alone.

And having Falling Free first is odd - it doesn't include Miles or any of
the other matin characters. So as the first book of a series that sends the
wrong message, IMO.

Also whoever said they keep track using Mile's age. I do that, too. It's
better than any reading order and easier to remember. But if Miles isn't in
the book - I don't know.
I forwarded the list's suggestion to the artist, who found some of them
well worth experimenting with.  If anyone has any more -- especially ideas
for evocative and pertinent images and/or icons to go with each title --
now is the time to mention them.

Yes, we are doing a unified series "look" -- that was wanted from the
get-go.  Uncluttered background, framed central image sort of thing,
uniform lettering.

Now I face the question of "extras", besides the essential three of
title-author-series ID.  I plan to skip blurbs.  Ditto, probably, "New York
Times Bestselling Whatever" as both those seem to me to be stuck on to
appeal to the accounts (bookstore and wholesaler) buyers, not the readers.
 The two puzzles are awards, when pertinent, and series order numbers.
 Which extras matter to you, as new readers approaching a new book?

I'd always resisted numbering my series, instead for these e-books adding
as an appendix my own more fluid reading-order recs essay. But that's
rather after-the-fact when trying to get folks to click on the first one.
Amazon and other on-line vendors have lately insisted, and I threw up my
hands and selected series-internal-chronology order, which, weirdly, puts
_Falling Free_ as #1 even tho' it has no Vorkosigans, and of course is
going to be a mess if I ever do another prequel.  Also, I never want to
discourage a reader from buying the book he has in his hand.  But I know as
a reader myself, I do look for those numbers to make a selection.  So.

Ta, L.
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