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Also, it might ruin the entire series for the most fervent romance readers.
I've seen readers who posted they were in avoidance to reading Cryoburn 
because they didn't want to read the the on-paper finality of Aral's demise 
presented to them.  I forget whether it was in here or another newsgroups, 
where I suggested the person read to the end of the time on Kibou-Dari, and 
not read the end section following it (where the salutation to Miles bears 
the bad news).

Romance afficionadoes less fervent about insistence on HEA for ever and ever 
and no dead romantic leads from previous books actually on-page, and 
particularly no funerals for them, can enjoy the romances in Shards, in 
Komarr/ACC, there's Elena and Baz as minor character HEA in TWA, there's 
CVA, there's SIlver and Leo, Ethan and Terence (m/m SFR or m/m erotic SF 
sells very well in ebooks....) ... Elli and Miles to a degree are HFN (Happy 
for Now--quite clearly NOT a permanent arrangemennt, but somewhat in keeping 
with HFN conventions) .. Cryoburn, SPLAT!  No romance elements. Someone 
already invested in Lois' work who can put up with books which don't have 
the romance content, when most of the series does, and are invested in the 
characters and their universe and want to read more about them, perhaps can 
withstand Cryoburn... but for someone who's primarily a romance reader, and 
has heard good things about Lois as a Artisan in science fiction 
romance/romantic science fiction, Cryoburn is probably the worst possible 
introduction to Lois' work, and something which might even drive them off in 

--Paula Lieberman
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> On Sep 1, 2015, at 10:15 PM, Paula Lieberman <paal at filker.org> wrote:
> Anyone expecting a fluffy sphinx kitty story is going to be very 
> disappointed by Cryoburn, though! Parts of it are very grim, plus the 
> denouement is perhaps the single most downer ending and 
> leaves-readers-who-love-HEAs-highly-UnHappy, of any of Lois' books.  Yes, 
> it's not an unheralded devastationg/downbeat ending, but it -is- devasting 
> and leaves Cordelia widowed, and Miles and Mark and the Emperor and and 
> readers who love Happily Ever After romance endings bereft of a central 
> figure of the Nexus.

I hadn’t thought of it before - if someone reads that book first, the impact 
of the ending would be much less.
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