[LMB] CoC 25: three-scene cataclysm

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 18:24:25 BST 2015

My own take on Caz/Betriz was that while Caz was interested, and knew
perfectly well what she was driving at, he did not feel that he could marry
in his position...and that he knew that Betriz turning up pregnant outside
of marriage would ruin her life.  Pregnancy _sans_ marriage in the Middle
Ages (or the equivalent) was a disastrophe for a woman.  And birth control
did not exist.
It also occurs to me that Caz, with that _thing_ in his gut, may just not
feel up to the task (take that as you will) and is also unwilling to
perform in front of Dondo (or what is left of him.)   Personally, my morals
compare unfavorably with alley cats, but the thought of that creep watching
me would put me right off what I was doing.  And just imagine if Dondo
started in with the critiques!

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