[LMB] CoC 25: three-scene cataclysm

Tony Zbaraschuk tonyz at eskimo.com
Thu Sep 3 19:12:46 BST 2015

On Thu, September 3, 2015 5:32 am, Elizabeth Stowe wrote:
> Tony: And Betriz is still
> persistently missing the point of how the gods work.  I suspect her limited
> theological education has something to do with it; like Iselle, her
> education likely focused on the pious duties to be done, and not on the
> time when one's will is laid aside, an offering on the altar, and the
> saint waints patiently to let the god(s) work what only They can work.
> es: In this story it is necessary for the potential saint to become a
> vessel. That is the image Umegat paints for Caz. But Ista is in the wings
> and in just a few years her story will tell of a less compliant saint.

A point.  It's easy enough to forget that even Cazaril doesn't fully
understand his own situation, or the gods' will and limitations.

> Your suggestion that education enforces piety is interesting.

I was thinking that _Iselle and Betriz's_ education was more focused
on piety and duties than on some of the other stuff.  We see the
limitations of this approach in their treatment of the corrupt judge...
Not enough data to figure out whether their education was like
everyone else's.  I certainly didn't intend to generalize about
_all_ education.

> By your
> thinking, saints' stories would be about individuals who are dutiful to
> their Gods being the ones who are Used by Them.

I suspect that the saints' stories read to Iselle and Betriz would
perhaps have been mostly of that sort; I doubt that all saints'
stories go that way.  One may expect the hagiographers to smooth
away some of the rough details, and perhaps fill in the gaps with
how they think the story _ought_ to have gone (both tendencies we
see in real-life saints' lives), but I think there's a lot we
don't really know about.

Query: what will the post-mortem Life of Cazaril look like, compared
to the story we read in _CoC_?  What parts of it will, and won't,
be read as instructional sections in the training of young scribes
in the clerks' order of the Daughter in future years?

> Right? I really want to
> hear the tale of the maiden and the jug.

So do, I, but I think I want Ordol's book(s) at least as much.

Tony Z


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