[LMB] CoC: Chapter 23, was posted as Chapter 22

Sylvia McIvers sylviamcivers at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 23:41:42 BST 2015

On Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 8:31 AM, Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:

> >
> A theology that *requires* the priest to perform last rites, or bury in
> consecrated ground, etc. would create enemies of people with family members
> who die without leaving a recoverable corpse.
Funerals are for the living, not the dead - that seems to hold true for
Chalion as it does here.

The animals show which god showed up, but they don't summon the god - see
also Fafa being thwarted when the Dratsab shows up.  Also, see Fafa again,
because snow bears.



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