[LMB] CoC 25: three-scene cataclysm

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> > From: "Tony Zbaraschuk" tonyz at eskimo.com
> > Part the first: a quiet garden chat
> > We note that Martou dy Jironal, again, knows what he's doing, and was
> very  effectively laying the groundwork for declaring Iselle to be mad.
> Fortunately, she wasready to take advice, and clever enough not to lay all
> her cards on the table, so managed not to make things worse.
> Iselle should have turned his tactics back on him (or watched Dr Who), and
> as she chatted with the nobles just drop a comment 'Poor Old Martou is
> looking
> so tired. He's had heavy responsibilities for so long.... I hope I find a
> Chancellor who serves me as well as Martou served Orico....., get some
> ambitious men looking at Martou speculatively.

But would that work, with people being more familiar with Martou than with
Iselle?  He has more experience than her at twisting words, and would no
doubt counter her counter-arguments very well.

> >
> > ...  Caz gets rid of the
> > pearls (finally!),  which we might take as foreshadowing  what else he
> > will have to lay aside to complete his talk (or is that too subtle?)
> There's an old tradition that pearls mean tears, especially for a bride.
> It was an ill-omened bride gift from the start. Although it had so many
> other roles and meanings as time went on.

That's so interesting. I never heard of it - pearls are a very traditional
gift to brides, being white.

> > And he sees a petty saint of the Father. Their conversation is wryly
> > interesting,
> Heh. No one understands shop talk for such an exclusive Shop.

>    Sylvia

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