[LMB] CoC 25: three-scene cataclysm

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Fri Sep 4 13:05:29 BST 2015

> From: Elizabeth Stowe estowe427 at gmail.com

> es: We learn interesting things about Chalionese ritual.
> As Tony noted, despite the fact that "by theology and tradition, the Bastard had no place in a ceremony of marriage," the procession continues to the Bastard's Tower where gifts are given.

The whole procession doesn't go, just Cazaril and dy Tagille, and a children's choir.
> Did anyone note what was missing?
> Things that aren't mentioned: 
> (1)The archdivine presiding over a ceremony (signalling the temple's officials' predominance over theological affairs)
> (2) public vows about making a permanent bond
> (3) allowance for a person who is, for instance, a divine of the Bastard (like the Saint of Rauma. At any rate, someone who isn't just moving on to the older, same-gendered God
> (4) a call to those congregated to accept and support this marriage

It's possible that some of that - vows and public oaths, especially - happened
after the prayers, so that Caz missed it because he was outside at the Bastard's

Or that, being a bloke, he doesn't note all the details of the ceremony.

Gwynne (Wondering - would Dondo have worn the Son's colours or the Father's
for his wedding - after all, he was already a father.)

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