[LMB] now not a few more new-e-cover issues

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
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But when Cordelia fled to Barrayar, she -knew- Barrayarans had shorter 
average lifespans than Betans, due not only to a lack of access to galactic 
medical treatments (including genetic engineering to correct defects), but 
also due to violence!

And thinking about it, Aral was probably around the same age that Piotr was, 
when  Piotr died from.

--Paula Lieberman
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On Thu, 3 Sep 2015 15:38:37 -0700, "Tony Zbaraschuk" <tonyz at eskimo.com>

>On Thu, September 3, 2015 2:44 pm, Marc Wilson wrote:
>> To someone new to the series, Aral is just off-screen back-story.
>> It's those of us who love the character that regretted his early
>> passing.
>Seems reasonable.  It does mean that Aral's death might not be experienced
>as nearly as much of a loss if you didn't already know Aral.
>(And I wouldn't call it an "early" passing, except perhaps from Cordelia's
>Betan viewpoint -- it was, so far as we know these things, a good death in
>due season, at the end of a long and (finally) successful life.)

Not *that* long, though, was it?

Not by today's standards of life expectancy, even.

It must have seemed brutally short to Betan sensibilities.

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