[LMB] now not a few more new-e-cover issues

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Different readers, different protocols.

Again, I've been in online contact with people who shied away from reading 
Cryoburn, and with people who don't want to read a book with a downer 
ending.  I suggested to such readers, to stop reading Cryoburn before the 

I was thinking about some other series earlier today, in which there is an 
HFN/HEA end of book (e.g. Mahogany Trinrose I think the book was by 
Jacqueline LIchtenberg) but which later up the timeline in the series there 
was mention than the protagonist had not survived for all that long beyond 
the end of the book. HOWEVER, the death was long past in any later books, so 
the readers weren't faced with the death of lead/romantic major plot 
participant of another book in the series.

It might be "cheating" in the sense of the writer No Going There, but it 
spares readers (and authors) who don't want to deal with the angst of the 
on-the-page immediacy of the death of a mate-bonded protagonist of one of 
the major books in a series, character.

Again, romance readers get particularly upset by it.

I wonder if the next book, might not be an entry point--Aral's death is gone 
and past in it ,I presume, Aral's history and the characters are in a 
post-Aral era.   Readers going to Shards of Honor and Barrayar after reading 
the forthcoming book, would be seeing Aral as a key figure in Cordelia's 
past, as opposed to coming from the other direction, of having Aral on the 
brain as Past History.

--Paula Lieberman
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>LMB:  Curiously, when I had a Vorkosiverse novice test-read the
>manuscript of _Cryoburn_, he did not process the ending as unhappy, but
>rather, as "Oh, cool -- Miles gets a promotion!"  Which rather took me
>aback, but there you go.  It was more some of the highly invested _old_
>readers who sounded ready to swear off Bujold at the end of _Cryoburn_.

To someone new to the series, Aral is just off-screen back-story.

It's those of us who love the character that regretted his early
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