[LMB] Amazon ranking mystery

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Fri Sep 4 18:52:53 BST 2015

Also,wasn;t tht around Worldcon time, and various of us who were there, were 
busily telling other people about the new Lois works, to people who had been 
previously unaware....

--Paula Lieberman
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[LMB] Amazon ranking mystery
BOB!! robtjwms at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 17 22:44:29 BST 2015

On Aug 17, 2015, at 16:35, Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at
myinfmail.com> wrote:

> today, for no reason that I can figure out, it has popped up again,
to a new high of around 1300.

BOB!!:  I don't know anything about Amazon's sales voodoo, but I do know
that Amazon just sent an email announcing it, presumably because our
Kindle has been used to buy several of your books. So I would guess that
the jump is due to Amazon putting the word out for you.

LMB:  Aha.  I wouldn't be surprised if that explains it.

I see it just went to #992 this past hour, which is goofy for a book
that won't be released for another 6 months.  This is not a _complaint_,
mind you.

I expect that pop will last about three or fours days, then drift down
again. .... 

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