[LMB] bemused by bemused

Katherine Collett kcollett at hamilton.edu
Fri Sep 4 20:20:32 BST 2015

On Sep 4, 2015, at 2:31 AM, Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com> wrote:
> LMB:  Well, that's different.  Usually when someone notices my writerly tics it is to complain vigorously about them.  (You will note that "caroled" has vanished from my vocabulary.)  Trod had also been complained-of, but really, how else would that big lug Ivan get around when he's not quite awake yet?  Besides lumbering.

I don't object to but do notice the use of caroled (and "sang" at least once) -- I get what you mean, but as a singer I have to stop myself from picturing Miles (or Ekaterin) breaking into an aria.   

But bemused, twig, and trod all seem perfectly normal, correctly used, and evocative without standing out unduly.  Twig and twigged in that sense seem ever so slightly British -- but with a British husband I'm notoriously bad at distinguishing British and American locutions.  


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