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Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Sat Sep 5 07:18:06 BST 2015

My reaction to those is "euwww"

The solid black areas repell me and so does the starkness of them.   They 
don't convey content to me, or -grace- or interest/intrigue me. My emotional 
reactions are negative and anti-attraction--I want to look at something 
else -right now- and unsee the things.  Also, I find the color combinations 
repelling.  I don't much like yellow, or pinky red, or the olive green 
color,  or orange, or pink--I like jewel tones, bright colors,  deeps blues, 
deep purples, emerald green, not orangey/pinky tones.  So the color palette 
in use in the images, also is highly negative to me.  Books with that 
artwork on the cover, my neural network would generate "ignore! ignore! 
ignore!" responses to.

--Paula Lieberman
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An extreme (and effective) example of what I believe is meant by
graphical covers...


I'd guess the genre signals of these to be "mainstream thriller", which, if
so, is well played.

Ta, L.

Wow, are those seriously ugly covers!


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