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I doubt those are the covers of the future--there's a new smartphone out 
with a extremely high resolution display (probably a lot higher than 
whatever most of the people here are reading the List emails on), meaning 
fine details will show up and nuances in imges.

Those grapic design covers to me look like the computer equivalent of crude 
stick drawings, and I've never liked stick drawings.. if there are going to 
be simplified icon-type images, I would much prefer things with curvilinear 
style, flowers with color gradations in high contrast with intense to much 
less intense variation (even if there is only one color).

The human vision system does edge-sharpening.  E. g. there's something 
called "Mach banding" which creates visual artifact of what looks like 
banding, even though the color gradation is really continuous.   The vision 
system also creates spurious lines, due to edge-sharpening, or people seeing 
lines which aren't there.  I think that that sort of thing, is one of the 
reasons why I don't like the graphics I mentioned not liking.

Higher resolution displays mean that those look-crude graphics images will 
probably look even uglier!

--Paula Lieberman
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Hmmm, these are the covers of the future. I wonder how sepia (Vorkosigan 
brown) and cream would show up in the thumbnails.

It helps a lot with iconic images, though, to be so simplified.

For Shards, a broken heart being mended (how does one mend glass, anyway?

For Barrayar, a swaddled baby balanced on/over a sword?

For Warrior's Apprentice, a rocket ship heading outward? Or a crowd of 
people looking at an iconic person behind a pulpit/podium? (I think that 
book is
about how Miles learns that war and military isn't so much about valor and
weapons, but is more about managing people.)

Falling Free could be one of those International Symbol people with four 
each holding a tool (construction, gardening, medical and maybe music?).

Designing very very simple covers has to be at least 10 times harder than 
traditional SF cover . . . .

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