[LMB] OT: AKICOTL: cover art question -- artist name / style ID?

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Mon Sep 7 01:46:36 BST 2015

[LMB] OT: AKICOTL: cover art question -- artist name / style ID?
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Mon Sep 7 01:07:47 BST 2015

With regard to cover art, there is a style that dominates a whole shelf of
paperbacks in the Barnes and Noble (and one of my daughter's walls)
with not-quite-cartoonish art, almost always of a young woman,
bordered by plants or flowers, footed by a cat or perhaps food,
and which signifies a book which I might call a "Nancy Drew for
slightly older but not much more mature readers".  (Not that
there's anything wrong with that...)

Don't believe it is always the same artist, but the style is
as distinctive as a Frank Frazetta "swordsman over
damsel" cover.   One glimpse reveals the genre.

What is the style called, (for that matter, what is the
Frazetta style called?) and who are the leading artists?

Authors suffering the publishers to use the style include
Meg Cabot, Leanne Sweeny, Alexanda Potter, Victoria
Laurie, and Julie Kenner.

I morbidly wonder what a cover in this style would look
like for _Komarr_,  _ACC_,  _DI_,  etc...

LMB:  This sounds like what is nicknamed "Chick Lit".   I'm not sure 
what the markers or differences are for the senior and junior versions.

I'd call Chick Lit romantic satire rather than romantic comedy as such.  
Meg Cabot does or did definitely fall here.  Mainstream contemporary 
girl ghetto.  Because you couldn't just call it "fiction" or (gasp) 

My artist is my old buddy Ron Miller (old as in "known each other for 
coming up on fifty years" old.  We, of course, are timeless.) He does 
all _kinds_ of things. 

Ta, L.

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