[LMB] Attract vs. chased

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Mon Sep 7 02:56:57 BST 2015

I -always- thought of "Every Breath You Take" as a creepy stalker song!

The era that it's from, was not a happy one to be female and want 
self-determination in.

Tiens had an easier time of it back then, they didn;t have to spend as much 
effort in pretense of being non-controlling during courtship.  (Tien was 
after matrimony, not sexual conquests.  He got the woman he wanted for a 
wife.... )

--Paula Lieberman
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Here I think we come up against changes in language and attitudes. When I 
was (much) younger, a common phrase was, "I chased her until she caught me." 
(Also said with the sexes reversed.)

The song, "Every breath you take" come across now as pure stalking. That 
also can be said for Elvis' "Kentucky Rain."

Nobody courts anymore but men still try to be around / chase women with the 
object of matrimony, not just sex.

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