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While it would be nice if the icon reflected the Nexus, what is the icon?  While Falling Free is a good novel I do not think anyone thinks you should start with it.  I’m not sure it makes sense to let that novel define the icon for the series.

What else besides the Count is distinctive about the series, the Uterine Replicator, the interplay between different civilizations, like Barrayar, Betan, Cetaganda or then how a physically handicapped person fits into a world scarred by nuclear war.  Nothing else is distinctive.  I’m not sure how any of those features would make a good icon to be seen or recognized by someone who is unfamiliar with the series.  
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I like the Nexus timeline idea that others have been pushing.

Falling Free and Ethan are part of the Nexus, I'd be very disappointed if 
the common element were a Barrayaran one, for the entire run of books and 
stories.  For that matter, were Lois to write other no-Barrayarans-present 
Nexus stories, Barrayan-particularized iconography would be incongruent for 

--Paula Lieberman
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I have been thinking about what icon to use for the ebook series.  I do not 
read every message so I apologize if this has already been proposed.

As far as I can tell there is no single icon for all of the books, 
especially if you include Falling Free.  (You might say the Uterine 
Replicator, but it also is not in all of the books.)  In my mind that is one 
of the strengths of the books.  They are different stories set in the same 
universe.  A common point for the rest of the books is Count Vorkosigan. 
What if the icon is the seal of Count Vorlosigan?  And each cover has that 
as a component.  You could even leave it off of the Falling Free cover.  You 
might also leave it off of Ethan of Athos, although Quinn really is a Miles 

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