[LMB] graphic art

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Mon Sep 7 19:11:55 BST 2015

[LMB] graphic art
Bill Masek billmasek at comcast.net
Mon Sep 7 18:18:06 BST 2015

Bill Masek:  While it would be nice if the icon reflected the Nexus, 
what is the icon?  While Falling Free is a good novel I do not think 
anyone thinks you should start with it.  I’m not sure it makes sense to 
let that novel define the icon for the series.

What else besides the Count is distinctive about the series, the Uterine 
Replicator, the interplay between different civilizations, like 
Barrayar, Betan, Cetaganda or then how a physically handicapped person 
fits into a world scarred by nuclear war.  Nothing else is distinctive.  
I’m not sure how any of those features would make a good icon to be seen 
or recognized by someone who is unfamiliar with the series.

LMB:  No, every book is going to get a different picture, representing 
it alone and, with luck, unmistakably.  So we're not looking for one 
icon, but sixteen or so.  (Several have already been located.)

Series identity is going to be taken care of by other markers -- type 
style, art style, and, if anyone bothers to note it, "The Vorkosigan 
Saga" written on it in a suitable uniform location.  Not to mention my name.

Still wondering what the minimum "extras" should be.  I don't want to 
clutter the nice clean striking images.  I don't think any end-reader 
looks at blurbs or "NYTImes Bestseller" -- those are aimed, as I said 
before, at the wholesale buyers in the paper book market.  (Chime in if 
you think I'm wrong.)  This is e-only, so there is nothing between the 
book and the reader but a glance and a click.

Awards won only?  Finalist placements?  What makes you all look twice, 
or click for a closer description, when web shopping?  (The cover has 
done its main job, for which it gets maybe a couple of seconds, when the 
shopper clicks.)

Ta, L.

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