[LMB] CoC: Chapter 26, Part the Last: Ferdinand and Isabella

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 19:18:50 BST 2015

Catherine Parr was also the first English queen to write for publication.
I just finished C.J. Sansom's book _Lamentation,_ about the search for a MS
of hers that had gone astray during the last year or so of Henry VIII's
life, that could ruin her with the King if it came to his attention.

And I should point out that Anne Boleyn was many things, but French she
_was NOT!_  She was as English as they came, but had spent time at the
French court (as had her older sister, "the other Boleyn girl," who had
been Henry's mistress for a while.)

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