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Erik (thuis) erik.smakman at planet.nl
Mon Sep 7 21:36:10 BST 2015

Some thoughts on icons & other front page items.
Memory: an empty head, a head without a face, a small boat on a big lake. Is what you remember what you are? Can your strength be turned into your weakness? Sounds like Samson, but I can't envision an icon there
ACC: ACC is the only romantic comedy, so the Barrayaran garden or a flower would come to mind. Perhaps the Barrayaran one Miles' saved when Ekatarin threw it down in Komarr (forgot the name). It is THE symbol of their fragile relationship.
Cryo: can only be a (defreezing?) cryo-chamber. Alternative (if needed) would be a symbol of the resistance, maybe the bird of the young boy
CVA: the vault, perhaps with rising water

front page items: Naturally Amazon would show its star rating, but if you want to offer this elsewhere, these kind of ratings really spark my interest (stars + number of reviews). I am sure you have enough!
Awards is nice, finalist places seem less relevant to me. Just waiting for the movies, starring Peter Dinklage as (older) Miles? Or is he too short even for Miles' standard. Then that would be something to show on the front ("The new hit movie!!")

Good luck with the icons, Lois! Please let us know when we can see them.

Regards, Erik


LMB:  No, every book is going to get a different picture, representing it alone and, with luck, unmistakably.  So we're not looking for one icon, but sixteen or so.  (Several have already been located.)

Series identity is going to be taken care of by other markers -- type style, art style, and, if anyone bothers to note it, "The Vorkosigan Saga" written on it in a suitable uniform location.  Not to mention my name.

Still wondering what the minimum "extras" should be.  I don't want to clutter the nice clean striking images.  I don't think any end-reader looks at blurbs or "NYTImes Bestseller" -- those are aimed, as I said before, at the wholesale buyers in the paper book market.  (Chime in if you think I'm wrong.)  This is e-only, so there is nothing between the book and the reader but a glance and a click.

Awards won only?  Finalist placements?  What makes you all look twice, or click for a closer description, when web shopping?  (The cover has done its main job, for which it gets maybe a couple of seconds, when the shopper clicks.)

Ta, L.

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